Monday, May 11, 2015

Order International Journals, International Ebooks and International Standard


Here are the step by step in order International Journals and international Ebooks and also International Standard:

  • Send an Request through our email account : A content of subject must describe your Request File. and a body content of the email must be filled with a full link of journal article, internasional Ebooks or a name of Internasional Standard OR You can send a Short Message Services to our number : +628572-1011-846 OR Chat with us on Whatsapp to : +6282350057595 and also the easy way our facebook account and read other detail information ( or This Fanpage <-------

  • After a Information from international journals and international books you have submitted will be processed further. At this stage you should be patient to wait for confirmation from us [it may took within 1-2 days]. If we've got a Requested file you want, then we will give you a confirmation immediately through our email plus an sample with a few of page as a proven.

  • Furthermore, before a full text [Journal/Standard/Book] of your Requested file we send to you, then you need to make advance payment to our account [Payment via PayPal For International Requesters, Payment via Bank Account for Indonesia Requesters]

    • Price eBook = around 10$-25$ Paypal/ Ebook Title
      Price Article = around 1$-3$ Paypal/Article
      Price Standard = only for ASTM Standard is 10 $ Paypal,
      Other Standard like IEC, ISO etc are 15$ Paypal
      Others Information:
      OUR PayPal Email for payment is :
      Notes : (Price can be change without notification, So Ask Us Before/After Request)
  • After you make the payment, please confirm the payment by sending a scan / photo proof of payment to our email address: Please provide Payment Time (UTC) and also the amount of payment in your Confirmation.
  • If we have confirmed payment you have done, then your Requested file that you order will automatically be sent to your email.
  • Done

PRICE LIST for Indonesian Requester on 11 January 2017 UTC +7

  • International Journals : IDR 10.000/Article of Science Direct/IEEexplore, IDR :20.000-25.000/Article: Others Article
  • Internasional Ebooks : Around IDR 80.000-150.000 [All Depend on Difficult access and Size Matter]
  • International Standards : IDR 125.000/ASTM Standards, IDR 180.000/ISO, BS, ACI other Standards

SMS =  +628572-1011-846 

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