Thursday, December 14, 2017

Contemporary Issues in Accounting, 2nd Edition E-Book


Contemporary Issues in Accounting, 2nd Edition

Contemporary Issues in Accounting is suited to a wide range of courses, particularly relevant to advanced financial accounting subjects at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. It considers a broad range of financial accounting issues facing contemporary businesses from a range of perspectives, including appropriate theories and research findings.
The 2nd edition examines the regulatory setting within which accounting operates from the context of the process of standard setting and the Conceptual Framework. Within this framework one of the most controversial areas of accounting — measurement — is examined in detail. Alternative measurement choices are considered, with intangibles and sustainability reporting being examined in more detail as they are areas with unique measurement challenges. With the increasing use of fair value measurement, we present a comprehensive analysis of this measurement basis, including its application in specific contexts.

Hardcover:  372 pages 
Publisher: Wiley;  January 14, 2017
Language: English
ISBN : 9780730343530
Format: PDF 

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